Dr. Chichuan Jin (金驰川)

Current Position:
Research Staff, National Astronomical Observatories (NAOC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China, 2017-current
Deputy Chief Designer of the Science Application System, the Einstein Probe Mission (launch date: 2022-2023), 2018-current

Previous Positions:
Postdoc (DLR fund), Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics (MPE), Germany, 2015-2017
Research Scientist, Qianxuesen Laboratory of Space Technology, Chinese Academy of Space Technology, China, 2014-2015
Visiting Scholar, Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2012-2013 ​

PhD: Dept. of Physics, Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom, 2008-2012 (Durham Doctoral Fellowship)
BSc: Dept. of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2004-2008​

Research Interests:
Active Galactic Nuclei: X-ray Spectral Variability, Multi-wavelength Study
Intersteller Medium: X-ray Dust Scattering
X-ray Transients

National Natural Science Foundation of China: No. 11873054 (Lead)

Refereed Publications as 1st author:

  1. Jin C., et al., 2022b, MNRAS, submitted, 'Multi-wavelength Campaign on the Super-Eddington NLS1 RX J0134.2-4258 – II. an Archetypal Weak-Line Seyfert Galaxy'
  2. Jin C., et al., 2022a, MNRAS, 512, 5642, 'Multi-wavelength Campaign on the Super-Eddington NLS1 RX J0134.2-4258 – I. Peculiar X-ray Spectra and Variability'
  3. Jin C., 2021b, ApJ, 920, 60, Long-term Evolution of the Short-term X-ray Variability of the Jetted TDE Swift J1644+57
  4. Jin C., Done C., Ward M., 2021a, MNRAS, 500, 2475, Re-observing the NLS1 Galaxy RE J1034+396. II. New Insights on the Soft X-ray Excess, QPO and the Analogy with GRS 1915+105
  5. Jin C., Done C., Ward M., 2020, MNRAS, 495, 3538, Re-observing the NLS1 Galaxy RE J1034+396. I. the Long-term, Recurrent X-ray QPO with a High Significance
  6. Jin C., Ponti G., Guang X., Bogensberger D., 2019, ApJ, 875, 157, Exploring the Interstellar Medium Using an Asymmetric X-Ray Dust Scattering Halo
  7. Jin C., Ponti G., Haberl F., Smith R., Valencic L., 2018, MNRAS, 477, 3480, Effects of interstellar dust scattering on the X-ray eclipses of the LMXB AX J1745.6-2901 in the Galactic Centre
  8. Jin C., Done C., Ward M., 2017a, MNRAS, 468, 3663, Super-Eddington QSO RX J0439.6-5311 – I. Origin of the soft X-ray excess and structure of the inner accretion flow
  9. Jin C., Done C., Ward M., Gardner E., 2017b, MNRAS, 471, 706, Super-Eddington QSO RX J0439.6-5311 – II. Multiwavelength constraints on the global structure of the accretion flow
  10. Jin C., Ponti G., Haberl F., Smith R., 2017c, MNRAS, 468, 2532, Probing the interstellar dust towards the Galactic Centre: dust-scattering halo around AX J1745.6-2901
  11. Jin C., Done C., Ward M., 2016, MNRAS, 455, 691, Strong constraints on a super-Eddington accretion flow: XMM-Newton observations of an intermediate-mass black hole
  12. Jin C., Done C., Middleton M., Ward M., 2013, MNRAS, 436, 3173, A long XMM-Newton observation of an extreme narrow-line Seyfert 1: PG 1244+026
  13. Jin C., Ward M., Done C., Gelbord J., 2012a, MNRAS, 420, 1825, A combined optical and X-ray study of unobscured type 1 active galactic nuclei – I. Optical spectra and spectral energy distribution modelling
  14. Jin C., Ward M., Done C., 2012b, MNRAS, 422, 3268, A combined optical and X-ray study of unobscured type 1 active galactic nuclei – II. Relation between X-ray emission and optical spectra
  15. Jin C., Ward M., Done C., 2012c, MNRAS, 425, 907, A combined optical and X-ray study of unobscured type 1 active galactic nuclei – III. Broad-band SED properties
  16. Jin C., Done C., Ward M., Gerlinski M., Mullaney J., 2009, MNRAS, 398, L16, The Seyfert AGN RX J0136.9-3510 and the spectral state of super Eddington accretion flows

All Publications:

51 refereed papers, ~1650 citations, H-Index: 22 (by Aug. 2022).
Please find all my publications on ADS.

Accepted Telescope Proposals as PI:

  1.  PI: Swift ToO, 2021, 18 ksec, ID: 36528 (triggered)
  2.  PI: Swift ToO, 2020, 20 ksec, ID: 36528 (observed)
  3.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-19, 123 ksec,ID: 08637901 (accepted)
  4.  PI: Chandra ToO,Cycle-21, 40 ksec Chandra + 40 ksec XMM-Newton,ID: 21910146 (accepted, waiting for trigger)
  5.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-18, 133 ksec XMM-Newton + 200 ksec NuSTAR, ID: 0841801 (observed)
  6.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-18, 132 ksec, ID: 8418201 (observed)
  7.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-17, 396 ksec XMM-Newton + 260 ksec NuSTAR, Large Program, ID: 08240801 (observed)
  8.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-17, 72 ksec XMM-Newton + 100 ksec NuSTAR, ID: 08240301 (observed)
  9.  PI: XMM-Newton ToO, AO-16, 43 ksec, ID: 08032301 (accepted)
  10.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-15, 124 ksec, ID: 07849301 (observed)
  11.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-15, 132 ksec, ID: 07849701 (accepted)
  12.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-14, 124 ksec, ID: 07645301 (accepted)
  13.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-12, 123 ksec, ID: 07248401 (observed)
  14.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-12, 63 ksec, ID: 07251301 (accepted)
  15.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-11, 102 ksec, ID: 06910601 (observed)
  16.  PI: XMM-Newton GO, AO-10, 122 ksec, ID: 06753201 (accepted)

(I also led a series of short Swift ToO observations, which are not listed above)

Address: Room 613, Building B, NAOC, 20A, Datun Road, Beijing, 100101, China
Email: ccjin[at]bao.ac.cn 
Phone Number: +86 (10) 6480 7738


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